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Founded in 2015, Antit is a mobile development company specializing in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP), and time-to-market (TTM) products, with a strong portfolio in the FinTech industry.

Our Mission

Inspire and enable developers to build rockstar applications!

It is an adventurous, incredibly rewarding assignment our diverse team is devoted to attaining.

Antit is constructed around the concept that programmers need to be able to do what they love for businesses which enjoy what they do.

We inspire and enable developers to construct great software by supplying them with the wisdom and the opportunities to cultivate their abilities. Inspired with our six core values, we will meet these challenges strategically and with all assistance from our community!


Core developer values

React Native Engineer


Birmingham, AL

About the job

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Antit is more than just a group of software engineers solving problems. We are people who believe in innovation, global responsibility, and fair business. We are passionate about overcoming challenges with software engineering, forward-thinking, cutting-edge technology and creative ideas to produce amazing products.

We value intelligence, professionalism and integrity among other values in our team members and are constantly looking for like-minded people to join Antit. We believe that we do more than allocating software engineers for our client's projects - we contribute towards the technological progress and innovation by helping businesses achieve their goals for growth by providing users with bespoke software.

At Antit our greatest assets are our engineers! We value their knowledge and skill set- as we collaborate, we grow from one another! Join us to discover opportunities for career growth and a competitive software engineer salary.

Job Description

It's a great time to be part of the our journey. For a crucial position, we are looking for a Software Engineer III-React Native mobile Engineer. Are you looking to combine design and coding skills in solving large-scale real-world problems that affect millions of people? Open-Source technology is being used by Swift, Kotlin and React-Native to create a mobile experience, front-end, and cloud native backend service using Java. You will be working with talented engineers from all platforms, including backend service engineers and mobile engineers. Our goal is to create a Store communication platform that helps customers improve collaboration and communication.

Minimum qualifications

  • Converting wireframes and designs into high-quality code
  • Flexibility during times of change. Ability to react quickly, efficiently, and positively to changes in projects.
  • Great problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Use code versioning tools to improve your experience


  • Write unit- and integration tests.
  • You must understand the concepts and models of databases
  • GIT, branching strategies, and feature branches are used to maintain code. Code Security Review and Code Review are performed before delivery. Reports on Code Review and Code Review are prepared in compliance with development standards.
  • Identifying opportunities; understanding information and identifying solutions; ensuring that solution is sustainable through implementation and use; troubleshooting issues and bug-fixes; assuring on-time delivery and handoffs.

Who you are:

  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Confidence, tact, and a persuasive manner
  • A willingness to think outside of the box to provide innovative solutions to clients
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Telecommute / Remote
August 6, 2021

React Native Engineer


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