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Nearshoring and Agile Software Development

Founded in 2015, Antit is a mobile development company specializing in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP), and time-to-market (TTM) products, with a strong portfolio in the FinTech industry.

Antit: Nearshoring and Agile Software Development Company

Founded in 2015, Antit is a mobile development company specializing in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP), and time-to-market (TTM) products, with a strong portfolio in the FinTech industry.

Development of complex, secure, and high-load mobile applications  – that's our specialty.
Fresh Market
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Invest in Amazon, Tesla, Apple and companies in the United States. Botin App is a direct investment account in the United States, invest from $1 USD.
Multimoney Biz
Selling from anywhere is now easier. Increase your ways of receiving payments! With multimoney Biz, your pei clients can pay you from any of their accounts
Transfer your money dollars or colones in a single app. Send money, pay your public services, request money and make transfers from your account regardless of the bank
With OMNi you can do everything with the lift of a finger: from paying for your services, making payments with QRs to choosing your favorite means of transport.
Wink is 100% mobile, without lines or paperwork. Goodbye lines, goodbye forms and goodbye bureaucracy, we will deliver your Wink card wherever you tell us

Certifications and Alliances

Technological certifications and strategic alliances, both national and international, have contributed to the growth and success of Antit and our Clients.

Expanding our borders

Antit provides nearshore services to several big players across America, thanks to the tireless efforts of our team and the trust of our clients.

We are a company with an international presence, privileged to have great talent with the highest educational and competitive level in the region, the talent that we export to other latitudes, ensuring that the ideas of our clients obtain a global significance.

Our company is getting into the US market in 2021 and then further into Asia and Europe in the upcoming years.

Use Case
Mobile APP


  • TTM & MVP: in the market within three months.
  • Apply in minutes from anywhere (all you’ll need is a form of ID and your face!), seamless KYC process.
  • Know exactly what’s coming in and out of your bank account with instant payment notifications and a real-time balance.
  • Connect any card, and by linking your bank accounts you can send and receive money easily.
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“Very happy with the effort that has been put into the product, We can feel it, we see it and we’re living it. This product will revolutionize the market."

Ernesto Leal
Co-founder & GM

Achieve agile, secure and intelligent application development with rapid design, development, testing and deployment for next-gen applications

Our Core Services

1. Mobile Product Development

Antit provides full-cycle mobile product development, MVPs, Apps to verify your startup ideas and launch your product earlier, and development teams to support or enhance existing products to fit your business domain and budget requirements.

2. Nearshore Staff Augmentation

In Antit we assist your company to scale your existing software development team or build a tailored development team for your products. With Nearshore Staff Augmentation We work actively seeking top developers worldwide to solve efficiently your software engineering staffing needs.

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Your most complex projects require innovation, architecture,
quality, operational excellence – and our experienced team is second to none.

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Staff Augmentation

The perfect plan to get top talent.

Helps meet aggressive timelines.
Cut costs without sacrificing quality.
Choose the skills you need most.
Customer-oriented approach.
Professional administration.
"Antit Education" program.
Eliminates the training expense.
Add or subtract resources.
Keeps the focus on the core business.
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