Our Story

Antit is a mobile development company specialized in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Time-To-Market (TTM) products. It was founded in 2015 under the leadership of two young Costa Ricans, who saw the lack of resources and companies specializing in FinTech mobile development, for which the company Antit was born with a highly-qualified resource that Costa Rica offers, to venture into the finTech world.

Since then, they have been growing so much in proportion to the increased demand of the FinTech and mobile ecosystem, up until the point of needing to export their talent and services to other parts of Latin America, to an increasingly versatile market that demands efficient and quality products at lighting speed. That is what Antit has to offer.

Between 2017 and 2019, the founders were pioneers in the creation of four of the most important Fintech applications in Costa Rica, for example, implementing for the first time a PayPal real-time integration that allows you to easily move money from your bank to your PayPal account, and the other way around. As for 2020-2021, one of the main objectives is to strengthen the image of the company as the Mobile Development Company specializing in FinTech to go.

We are on the track to be one of the fastest-growing IT companies (with a growth rate of 300% since Jan 2020). We have highly-qualified personnel, specialists in delivering the best result in the most efficient way. Our Antit Education program makes our engineers specialists and takes their professional career to the next level, all so that you can benefit from it. Antit states that its "Antit Education" perk is the key to the company's success.

Experts in digital transformation, we are known as the leaders in the FinTech industry as disruptors. Our team has deep technical expertise and helps CEOs, CTOs, Product Owners, and entire businesses to get their mobile applications done on time, and using the best technologies.

Our Mission

Become the most trusted group for FinTech mobile developments and IT staff augmentation.

We always believe in providing the best that there is to offer and bring out the most innovative technological excellence service for our customer satisfaction. Our purpose is to integrate people, business, and technology to create effective IT Solutions that meet your needs. We believe in great service, culture, and values, not forgetting our promise of delivering with excellence. We aspire to continue developing our people as the best experts.

Our Vision

Be the preferred partner for best mobile software development and staff augmentation experience.

We provide outstanding, competitive nearshore development services to brands and companies all around the world, with a constant focus on ensuring our clients’ success and delivering results that exceed expectations, enabling enterprises to leverage technology for business growth.

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The Founder Team


James Jara

Ceo & co-founder

James Jara is a 29-year-old well-known white hacker, sports programmer, and tech lead. James enjoys playing Capture the Flag, Hacker Rank, and Avatao. He is passionate and dedicated. His favorite phrase is "Never Quit". He has founded several tech firms and startups.


Robert Baron

co-founder, cto

A computer scientist and entrepreneur, Robert co-founded CryptoLatam in 2015, after working for several years as lead developer and manager for a large team, he is Co-inventor of the STDY protocol and one of the main developers in the Crypto space in Costa Rica.