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Does your company or organization require highly qualified IT professionals with advanced skill sets?

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Does your company or organization require highly-qualified IT professionals with advanced skill sets? If yes, then we are the company who can help arrange this for you.

Antit has set a record of maintaining exceptionally-talented developers, who are experienced and sophisticated enough to easily arrive into your organization, understand your product and carry out the designated task with ease, and deliver it on schedule as you require. Try nearshore staff augmentation.

Our staff is always ready to start working on new ventures. This includes selecting the professionals from our nationwide network of top architects, developers, and technical experts. Our candidates consist of highly-experienced individuals, called “Ants”, many of whom have been placed with several clients during their time working with us.

Due to the high number of qualified individuals in our company, recruitment within Antit becomes an easy matter. We have a special recruitment team which specializes in searching the top-tier tech talent for your need. This team carries out the process of selecting the candidates within our nationwide network to sit in at the screening process.

How do they do it? Well, the team identifies the candidates who possess both the soft skills and professional interaction skills, as per your expectations.

After our recruitment process is over, we present you with the best professionals to work for you. We can assure you that our Ants will fit in perfectly with the role required by your company.

When you choose our company to hire candidates for your nearshore or offshore company, we make sure that you get the top result of what you have paid us for.

We believe in maintaining a healthy and ever-growing relationship with our clients, which is why you can have our word that if any of our candidates do not seem to match your requirement, that means we have failed, and failure is something which our company has never experienced.

We can assure you that our Ants will fit in perfectly with the role required by your company.

What Are Our Benefits of
Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

We can assure you that our Ants will fit in perfectly with the role required by your company

What to look for in your
Nearshore Staff

Augmentation Partner?

Workflow Processes

Fluent, open and transparent communication.
Delivery, guidelines and cooperation policies.
Professional administration.
Standardized procedures.

Talent Pool

Vetted and complex hiring process, but simple for you.
Employee performance and productivity reports.
Antit Education Program.
Real-time communication capabilities.
English-speaking employees.


Policy awareness and enforcement.
Information Security policies.
Company and client culture awareness.

Multiple Engagement Models

Real-world experience on multiple projects.
Strong customer relationship.

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