7 Reasons Why Costa Rica is the best Place to Outsource and

Nearshore Software Development

Reasons to Select Costa Rica for Software Outsourcing and nearshore staff augmentation

1) Cost-Efficient

The Demand for workers is high in the USA and as per the market value, engineers usually cost from a minimum of $80 to around $200 per hour. That seems reasonable but when you compare that with Latin american contractors, it will usually cost you between $40 to $80, that’s nearly half or even less than the market price up in the United States. Also obtaining such affordable work does improve in cost-cutting for any company and may also lead to huge savings. As you can avail of the same level of employees who can deliver the same level of expertise at a much lower cost for your project. If you are planning to venture your capital on  nearshore staff augmentation and high-quality work at low cost then Latin America is the perfect choice to invest your fortune as your return values will definitely exceed your expectations.

2) Time Difference

While it is true, outsourcing to more manpower work in an eccentric country is beneficial, it must also be taken into consideration about the time zone difference in both countries. Though countries like India, China, Bangladesh provide cheap labor and quality work, usually have around 12 hours of time difference this may cause a huge loss of potential time and resources, Costa Rica’s central time zone is ideal when real-time collaboration during work hours is a must.
Thereby, switching the outsourcing zone to Costa Rica is something which is beneficial, it is basically around less than 2 hrs of time difference from the USA. This makes it a perfect location to outsource any company, considering project briefings and project management are much faster and smoother. 

3) Easy Communication:

Latin Americans have understood the need of English for the betterment of their living standard, according to reports from EF English Proficiency Index 2020, notes that Costa Rica have overtaken Indian and China in language proficiency and all of them are becoming top-level English proficiency countries. This proves how dedicated Costa Rican is to work and develop their tech community and  nearshore staff augmentation services. Ease in vocabulary does help in the ease of communication and this is exactly what has been established here in Costa Rica. The ease of communication allows our companies to work together and reach the goal faster.

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4) Highly Educated

Costa Rica's education system is ranked 20th in the "Global Competitiveness Report 2013–14", which is described as of high-quality standards. In addition to that, the literacy rate in Costa Rica is 94.9%. So, yes when you hire a Costa Rican you will work with a highly educated individual. Also, you need to indulge yourself in the hurdle of the selection process as we do that for you. 

5) Global Proximity

Of course, the nearer you are the better it is to work with. Proximity means exactly that. The thing about Costa Rica is its proximity to North America, which makes it a much better choice to communicate in the IT sector or any other Sector for outsourcing as compared to any country in the Middle East or in Asia. Thereby, giving a though on outsourcing for your company from Latin America is the right move.

6) Cultural Similarities

Latin America and North America share a deep bond of understanding among each other. The rich values and Cultural Similarities shared among the two countries makes everyone feel like they are home.  On top of that, you also get to experience new cultural values and norms when you set foot in Costa Rica you will get in love with our gallo pinto. Also, the ease of communication in English and friendly neighbors all around makes Costa Rica a smart choice for outsourcing development of any company.

7) Growth of IT sector

In recent years the It sector of Latin America has seen a huge development in terms of their countries’ economies. As more North American Companies have understood the value of Costa Rica and hugely set up near-shore companies all over the country and hired lots of resources in staff augmentation, revenues earned by these companies have skyrocketed as compared to the results of their previous endeavors in the United States. According to a study by Frost& Sullivan, it appears that there are so many successful companies providing outsourcing and nearshore staff augmentation services in Latin America.

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