APIs connecting user needs with digital banking

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

The financial industry has become increasingly aware of the benefit of forging alliances with FinTech, which allow them a more effective approach with their clients by adapting to the digital transformation to remain profitable and relevant in the financial services value chain.

As part of this strategy, FinTechs offer extensive experience in the use of APIs, which are a set of computer functions and protocols that facilitate the connection of technological applications to the bank's native systems.

Thus allowing to develop a secure, agile and scalable connection through software that communicate in real time and with maximum security, making it easier for the bank to connect its database to a mobile application.

Likewise, this translates into a reduction in costs for financial institutions and optimization of their services that will make it possible to promote new offers, payments and personalized products for each client.

Antit as a FinTech developer company will allow you to improve your management capacity , transforming your platforms into a simpler and above all efficient one for the user, forging products of value and competitiveness in the financial industry.

" People seek to hire new services through the use of FinTech applications and platforms , which streamline the process with an experience where they are at the center of everything, that and more is what we make it easy to develop for our clients," said James Jara, co-founder of Antit.

In addition, APIs are an innovative, unique and advanced way to position yourself in the digital market with a notable increase in income and financial development, with new business models that will allow you to expand your ecosystem of products and services.