Creating a FinTech app or transforming your existing one, should not be a problem anymore. If you are looking for a FinTech solution, whether you are looking to verify your client’s real identity through a KYC process or creating a service to allow them to send money to each other, we are here to help. Over the last few years we have built a large number of tools that will speed up your development so that instead of figuring things out, you can focus on your business while we take care of what we know works. 

Our framework not only provides the tools we have made, but also the partnerships we have with our network of great providers that we can help you to integrate with. We are going to pick from our list, not only the best ones but the ones that match your needs the best. Not every provider is the right one for every unique solution. That’s why we have experimented with them so that we know the pros and cons of each one, allowing us to make the smarter choice for your product.

The main services we offer in our

FinTech Framework

Digital banking transformation

Identity verification

KYC processes

Blacklist verifications

Cross-verification processes for identity verification

Transactional services

Payment gateways

Fraud detection

Committed to deliver your product fast and on time with our MPV & TTM strategies

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What ever you are looking for, we have experience working with any of these  providers from our trusted network


Know Your Customer
Onfido is building the new identity standard for the internet. We let your users verify their identity anywhere, anytime.


Know Your Customer
Mati is designed to make your user verification processes seamless and complete from day one. We do the heavy lifting on fraud and compliance, and give you the full picture of your users so you can focus on your core competency.


Know Your Customer
How it works Secure high-value customers while lowering operational costs with identity verification technology from Mitek, an industry leader and enterprise partner for more than 20 years.


Customer Care
Zendesk makes support, sales, and customer engagement software for everyone. It’s quick to implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your needs. With Zendesk, it takes hours — not weeks — to get up and running


Customer Care
Give customers a conversational experience they'll remember—and come back for.Intercom is an American software company that produces a messaging platform which allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email


Customer Care
All product teams strive to create better and more powerful tools, but knowing what’s needed can come down to guesswork. Use the Net Promoter System to inform your roadmap with rich data from real users.


Customer Care
Firebase helps you build and run successful apps, it is a must for any successful mobile application with all the features they provide, from analytics to crash analysis.


Digital Payments
Buy from websites around the globe without sharing your financial information or sell around the world and accept credit cards through your website, app, or email

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