Trends in development of Apps for this 2021 do not miss any!

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by developing a mobile application according to the current digital market, at Antit we show you what are the latest trends that will set the tone in 2021.

The development of a mobile app for your company will allow you to increase your brand recognition and with this your sales, as well as the loyalty of your customers.

By making use of these new trends, your users will be able to access new functions that will improve their experience in the application.

Hybrid applications: due to their high performance, cost, and time savings, hybrid applications are gaining strength.

Hybrid applications stand out for their time to market benefit by working on a single base code for all their versions.

This since its development is based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript language, although similar to a web page, they are displayed in a WebView, adapting to the screen of the device.

What makes it more versatile, easier to maintain, and with a better user experience.

Integration of IoT technology: the systems of physical devices that receive and transfer data with other devices and systems over the Internet such as GPS, Beacon, and Wi-Fi.

The IoT is the next great power when it comes to personalized mobile applications, as it increases the ability of Apps to connect to gadgets of any kind.

Rapid development technology: with various tools you can create a faster development for its release to the market gaining visibility by accelerating its launch, this method is also known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) among these we can mention AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJS with their reusable components. 

AngularJ2 is a full-featured framework that allows for simple routing and helps you create attractive user interfaces.

NodeJS is fast and lightweight is the benchmark for fast and scalable network applications.

ReactJS is a library where you have to write less code and the virtual DOM implementation allows for improved performance.

Biometric security: Biometric security works as part of a multi-factor approach through a mobile device for unlocking, rather than a password, log in, and even purchases.

Facial recognition allows verifying that the user is authorized to log in, preventing unauthorized access in the event of loss or theft of the device.

By including biometric authentication capability in your applications, instead of relying on a specific device characteristic, it allows application vendors to differentiate and customize the security features and performance of their applications.

In the case of Antit, our applications use biometric security to automate processes and provide greater security to our users based on the latest technology for this.

Chatbots: a chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that allows you to hold a conversation with a user in natural language.

Likewise, the chatbot analyzes the text or makes use of algorithms to determine the meaning of a question and, if necessary, it can consult its own or third-party databases, to provide the best answer to the user in writing or through tools that convert text. invoice.

Instant applications: they are "portions" of applications that do not need to be installed on the device, since through a link on a website you can access the instant application.

This translates into a reduction in time by not having to wait for installation or decreasing the memory of the device, however, an instant application contains one or more characteristics of the base application (or complete application) already created. 

Using Rust as a programming language: makes programming easier, safer, and more fun.

Antit is a company specialized in the development of mobile applications through its services you can obtain an app that adapts to the specific needs of your business.

For this, we offer you an expert analysis both in the design and in the development of your mobile application, thanks to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) system you will be able to have your application in an average time of three months whether you decide that it is native. or hybrid.

Contact us at Antit we are your best option for your mobile application development!