The role of a technical leader in achieving the success of your project

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

Differentiate the development of your software project with the incorporation of a technical leader who is capable of connecting the proposed architecture with its efficient construction.

In this context, a technical leader will allow not only to guide, but to refine details, define methodologies and techniques to transmit the vision of the project to the development team.

At Antit we have highly qualified personnel that will make a difference in any project or product development that your company requires.

In the same way, it must provide continuous and proactive help to the team's developers to solve all technical challenges, guaranteeing success at each stage of the project.

You will also need to be able to create efficient solutions that adhere to the frameworks defined by the software architecture.

On the other hand, when a new technology is integrated into the project, the technical leader must invest between 25% and 30% in the sprints to know the benefits and defects that it may present and thus know how to react to them.

You must even have criteria as well as a well-defined approach to suggest a better option that adapts and adds value to the project's development objectives, without its implementation and maintenance cost causing it to be rejected by the company.

Antit is the first group in the region to manage the development of multiple banking applications from its initial architecture, obtaining tangible and cutting-edge results that will take your business to the next level.

In addition, you must provide technical support to the systems under your responsibility in an efficient and timely manner.

Responsibilities of a technical leader

Form a team: you must complement the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the development team so that everyone works efficiently for the same objective.

"We grow with you, our resource becomes your resource to transcend the market together, you mark the path for us, we follow it and improve it in the process, our professionals easily adapt to your organization", said James Jara, one of the co-founders of Antit.

Provide guidance and technical support to the team: help unlock and solve problems that arise in the project process, improving the quality of work.

Concern about the professional growth of the team: seeking to increase the level of training of the team will simultaneously improve the quality of the work delivered.

"Our staff is constantly training and growing, specializing in new areas to give you the best experience with amazing and increasingly complex results that adapt to today's market," added James.

Being a team servant: the role of a leader is not only limited to the vision and direction of the team, but must eliminate the obstacles that prevent the team from reaching its maximum potential.

Tools for greater efficiency from a technical leader

A source code control system: this will allow you to maintain control over the code created by the development team along with its different branches and versions.

In addition, ensure that each developer meets functional and architectural specifications.

Configuration management of development and testing environments: this through tools that allow you to maintain stable and aligned the production environment of the system to company standards.

"Innovation distinguishes us but the passion to deliver the best product in the shortest time is our greatest characteristic, come, get to know us and let us be part of your success with the best developers in the market", concluded James.