Technological trends that software development will have in 2021

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

It is important to keep in mind the technological trends for 2021 to know which areas to strengthen to take your organization to a higher level of competitiveness in the digital market.

To stay at the forefront in the technological world, it is essential to recognize the trends that will take hold this year, so that they do not take you by surprise.

Global spending on information technology will grow 4% during 2021, according to Gartner forecasts.

Enterprise software is forecast to grow (7.2%), data center systems (5.2%) and services (4.1%), and devices (4%). 

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Experts estimate that this type of technology will grow exponentially and will include video, images, voice, network traffic activity, and sensor data.

Within AI is hyper-automation, in this area, we can see process automation, customer service, business process optimization, and virtual assistants or chatbots.

In 2021, one in four remote workers had to rely on new forms of automation, either directly or indirectly, according to Forrester forecasts.

This type of technology focuses on improving both the customer experience and improving business strategies by allowing many processes to be automated.

According to Gartner, 70% of commercial organizations embraced automation.

The financial ecosystem has changed its competitive dynamics with the appearance of artificial intelligence (AI) by allowing processes to be streamlined more efficiently and securely.

Likewise, with the arrival of Big Data and Data Science to the digital landscape, AI gained strength by being able to identify patterns from large amounts of data and even manage to anticipate events.

In the case of Antit, a FinTech product developer puts at your disposal highly qualified personnel, specialists in Cloud Engineering, Big Data, among other services that together with the use of AI will give it greater competitiveness in the digital market.

Cybersecurity: both identities and devices used in remote work will continue to be a priority during 2021.

Global security spending will reach $ 174.7 billion in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 8.1%, according to IDC estimates.

During 2020 the banking industry has suffered significant attacks around the world, according to the findings of IBM Security and the cost of cyber data breaches amounts to $ 8.2 million.‍

n this aspect, FinTechs have tried to stay at the forefront with the implementation of biometric security in the architecture of their applications, as well as sophisticated identification and authentication systems.

Antit is a company focused on FinTech development that stands out in this regard, its applications are certified with Deloitte security audits.

Multi-cloud migration: can help provide better system performance and support by employing the use of more than one public cloud.

Businesses don't want to get caught up in a single software solution unable to adapt to their needs as time goes on.

The Predictions 2021 Forrester ensures that the infrastructure market in the public cloud will grow by 35% to 120,000 million in 2021.

During this year, public clouds reflected growth such as AWS: 29%; Microsoft Azure: 47%; Google Cloud: 43%; and Alibaba: 59%).

Chatbot: the combination of chatbots with the natural language used both in applications and in web pages for more automated customer service.

In the worldwide study carried out by MIT Technology Review Insights, it was concluded that 87% of companies have already implemented AI in their chatbots, of these 41% claim to offer a better experience to their customer's thanks to this.

A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that allows you to hold a conversation with a user in natural language.

Likewise, the chatbot analyzes the text or makes use of algorithms to determine the meaning of a question and, if necessary, it can consult its own or third-party databases, to provide the best answer to the user in writing or through tools that convert text. invoice.

Conversational interfaces: available on mobile phones and home devices are gaining popularity.

Hybrid cloud: during 2020 there was an accelerated increase in entities that migrated to the cloud looking for an infrastructure that is free of failures, falls, and instantaneous with a cloud strategy.

Biometric technology: solutions that involve the biometric face, voice, and fingerprint validations in business processes such as online purchases or access to financial services.

In the case of Antit, our applications use biometric security to automate processes and provide greater security to our users based on the latest technology for this.

Likewise, when we combine facial recognition with voice biometrics, we achieve greater precision and performance, making the counterfeiting attempt even more difficult.

FinTechs have made use of this technology to make it easier for financial institutions to verify the identity of a new user when they request to open an account and are not physically present.

At Antit we help you apply the latest technology for your business, turning your needs into solutions according to the digital market.