Super Apps: Efficiency and revolution in the digital market

Friday, August 6, 2021

Super Apps: Efficiency and revolution in the digital market

Increasingly, people make all their purchases through mobile applications, which make it easier for them to avoid unnecessary mobilization in times of pandemic.

Super Apps offer the possibility of accessing multiple services without having to rely on other applications , creating loyalty on the part of the user through a functional, versatile and multifaceted platform.

Thus achieving that the user invests as much time as possible in its use , which allows them to generate profits from sales or advertising.

Likewise, the concentration of facilities on a single platform alleviates storage and space problems on the cell phone.

In addition, this is a market opportunity for FinTech calls because of their specialization in digital platforms and, in creating a superior user experience.

Antit is a mobile development company specialized in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Time-To-Market (TTM) products, with a long history in creating mobile applications.

Their portfolio includes the creation of super Apps, so their great experience and highly qualified personnel allow them to undertake competitive developments at the speed of the digital market.

Currently, there are already super financial services apps with the creation of payment platforms that include the possibility of requesting loans, purchasing goods, e-commerce, investing in common funds and more.

In addition, the information to which these Startups have access allows them to anticipate the needs of their clients and offer them personalized products of their interest, helping them to make the leap to the development of a super App.

However, it is not enough for an App to offer many options, if it does not achieve a massive impact as Uber did, a platform that was born as a transportation option and diversifies by offering express food and courier options.

In Latin America, Rappi is one of the platforms that has stood out the most, it started with the delivery of dishes, supermarkets and a pharmacy. Currently, it has launched games, live events, live shopping and Rappi music services.

Another case recognized worldwide is that of Paytm in India, which emerged as a payment platform and now allows the purchase of bus, metro, concert tickets, as well as trips from the same App.

In our country OMNI is considered a super Apps by offering bicycle rental, public transport and digital wallet services.

However, platforms like Pei are showing amazing potential with an offering that could make it incorporate even more services that it already has as a payment platform.

Melissa López
August 6, 2021