Software Outsourcing Service Why is Costa Rica Your Best Option?

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

Learn about the reasons why software development outsourcing in Costa Rica is seen as the best investment option for your company.

This is not only due to cost reduction, but also because you will have access to highly qualified developers who will guarantee you quality work.

AntIT will save you time by providing the staff you need for your project with proven business practices , capable of meeting any challenge.

In addition, when the internal resources of a company are insufficient to achieve the conclusion of all its projects efficiently, subcontracting is presented as an excellent option for the conclusion of specific projects .

Here is a summary of the reasons why outsourcing software services in Costa Rica is an excellent option:

Cultural affinity: commercial practices between the US and Costa Rica are common and are developed successfully, thanks to the fact that Costa Ricans are characterized by their cordial, frank, and honest communication.

Even the analyst firm Gartner made Costa Rica one of the best eight Latin American countries for outsourcing services.

Greater Internet penetration in Latin America: one of the great advantages that Costa Rica presents is a robust Internet system that is perfect for carrying out technical and software projects. 

According to the Global Competitiveness Report, Costa Rica ranks second in the most advanced telecommunications infrastructure in Latin America, with the high Internet speed at a relatively low cost.

Highly qualified workforce: Costa Rica stands out for its investment in education that allows the training of engineers with great skill and technical competence, with a literacy rate of 97.92%. 

At AntIT our staff stands out for the technical skills that allow them to work efficiently on multiple tools and platforms.

Also, the country offers various opportunities to involve its professionals in research and innovation in the various fields of software development and IT. 

Currently, it has five public universities and 50 private universities, many of which are recognized in the list of the 100 best universities in the world. 

High-quality technological infrastructure: Costa Rica has several technology parks with a large number of software development companies, and the Government also announced the development of a Technology City.

It will bet on hosting companies specialized in Research and Development (R&D) and innovation; as well as business incubators and accelerators and a headquarters of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC).

Similar time zones: Costa Rica has the facility to offer real-time communication with its technicians, which facilitates the smoother, faster, and more agile development of your software project.

Likewise, Costa Rica offers highly professional engineers and software developers in a similar time zone and at a low hiring cost, since 2018 the Government of this country allocates 26.09% of its total spending on education.

In the same way, it makes it possible to solve problems more fluidly and efficiently both in time and inform.

This, since otherwise, the difficulty of communicating clearly and directly can compromise the success of the project, which will allow you to control risks.

Bilingual professionals: Costa Rica ranks second in Latin America in English language proficiency, which represents an advantage for companies interested in outsourcing software services.

Reasonable hiring cost: companies that opt ​​for outsourcing see a great saving of money reflected, since the cost of hiring Costa Rican developers is lower than what they would have to pay if they decided to do it in their own country, even taking into account the hiring costs.

Which allows offering 30% and 50% less than what it would imply in the United States.

However, something that every company should take into account before opting for outsourcing is to accurately inform all the progress and final delivery dates of the project.

Similarly, an available technician must be assigned to supervise each phase of development, its precision, and even cost.

Saving time: software outsourcing companies will offer you the possibility of building a specialized team dedicated to your project, reducing the time it takes to market.

If you are interested in subcontracting your software development projects to Costa Rica, AntIT offers you a specialized team according to the needs of your project. If you want more information on how to subcontract the software development service, please contact us.