SINPE: Startups compete with banks to channel transfers

Friday, August 6, 2021

SINPE: Startups compete with banks to channel transfers

The days when we needed to queue for hours at the bank to make a deposit, running so they don't close us, get wet and even expose our security are mostly a thing of the past.

The days when we needed to queue for hours to the bank to make a deposit, running so they don't close us, get wet and even expose our security are mostly a thing of the past.

Currently, this type of transaction is possible to carry out from your cell phone and computer without problem , the only thing you will have to choose is whether this procedure will be done directly, real or through SINPE mobile.

Pei and Wink are excellent alternatives to traditional media offered by banks in exchange for a “toll” for their use.

Through these FinTech applications you will not only be able to make deposits, but regardless of the bank to which you send it, you will not see cost variation , in addition, you will be able to make payments for services, savings, among other benefits.

The maximum cost of collection for SINPE fees is defined by the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) both by service and by transaction, however, under the principle of free competition, banks can vary the amounts of "commission" collection by the use of its technological platform .

Likewise, the commissions of the services that banking entities charge their clients for providing SINPE services, govern by transaction and not by amount and although they must be published on the BCCR website, these amounts do vary from one institution to another. Unlike the apps mentioned above.

Direct Debit - CDD

According to data from the BCCR of the three public banks that the country has, only the National Bank of Costa Rica charges a “commission” for transactions between accounts of the same bank within a specific schedule, among the private ones there are still few banks that charge this item.

Data based on the official BCCR website

Real Time Debit - DTR

It refers to the debit that applies every day of the year with immediate crediting 24 hours a day.

Currently, FinTech platforms such as Pei or Wink offer this same service at a cost of 0 to $ 1 to the bank you need, regardless of whether it is to dollar or colones accounts.

Even Pei includes the use of QR codes to facilitate your payments with third parties, becoming a versatile, friendly, easy-to-use platform that seeks to reduce costs and time for users.

Official BCCR data

SINPE Mobile

This service will allow you to make transfers of maximum amounts of ₡ 100,000 colones without payment of any commission, facilitating transfers in an easy, immediate and low-cost way just by having the telephone number linked to the account of the person you want deposit the money.

In addition, this system allows the consultation of account balances and movements with only the sending of a text message, thus reducing the use of cash.

Regarding the receipt of transactions, the client may receive funds without having any type of payment up to a monthly maximum of ₡ 2,000,000 colones.

To use this system, you must proceed to affiliate your cell phone number to a specific bank account.

The SINPE Móvil service is generally offered by all banks and financial institutions of the National Financial System of Costa Rica. The entities that charge commission for amounts greater than ₡ 100,000 colones per day are detailed below.

SINPE Móvil service limitations

The phone number can only be linked to a single account at a single bank or financial institution, that is, if you have two or more accounts at different banks, you can only link the same number with a single account. Likewise, it only works for sending small amounts of money, it only allows the use of colones.

In the event that you lose your phone and have the SINPE Móvil service enabled, contact your bank or financial institution immediately and request that they disable the service. You can also do it by entering the virtual platform of your Bank via the Web and do it yourself.

Applications like Pei created by the product developer FinTech Antit work as a payment gateway, making it easier for you to link all your accounts in one place.

Likewise, you can make transfers in both colones and dollars 24/7 without commission charges for amounts less than $ 50 dollars.

Founded in 2016, ANTIT is a mobile development company specialized in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Time-To-Make (TTM) products with a portfolio strongly focused on the FinTech industry.

Melissa López
August 6, 2021