Pandemic catapults startup development during 2020

Friday, August 6, 2021

Pandemic catapults startup development during 2020

In the midst of the crisis and constant sanitary restrictions, startups find fertile ground to grow by bringing their online value proposition directly to users.

The pandemic accelerated the digitization of companies that are looking for ways to get closer to their customers without requiring them to leave home, that is where FinTech comes in as a spearhead in the economic reactivation.

In the midst of the crisis and constant restrictions, startups bring their online value proposition directly to users.

When we talk about startup we refer to emerging companies that have a strong relationship with innovation linked to technology . The companies of the immediate future.

In this context, Antit stands out for taking advantage of its experience to build financial development solutions: payment gateways, digital wallets, bank portals, KYC, AML and much more.

"Our employees specialize in mobile technologies and work in agile teams that will help you build, maintain and improve all your applications, " said James Jara, co-founder of the company.

Costa Rica in the FinTech market

The FinTech market is extremely young in our country despite the fact that it has been developing us in various parts of the world for decades.

However, startups have aroused the interest of a great diversity of national market players.

In the midst of the global crisis, electronic commerce is going through its best moment with growth of over 300% in Latin America , according to a Kantar study at the regional level.

Antit offers rapid design and development of advanced solutions, being the first group in the region to manage the architecture of multiple banking applications.

Some of the value cards of these companies is to rethink investment in new infrastructure for a more profitable one in the digital world.

And it is precisely there where they have an important opportunity: when designing solutions and products capable of innovating and responding to the changing demands of consumers.

"Time is money, our work will allow you to validate the market in real time while we make the best version of your product", expresses one of Antit's premises, according to Jara.

Costa Rica has a technological infrastructure and qualified human capital , with a solid education system in the areas of science and technology.

"We develop your products in the short term through an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that allows us to offer you a clean, scalable project, easy to maintain and test from the first day on the market with continuous improvements," said Jara.

For a Fintech to increase its chances of success and enter new businesses, the key is for entrepreneurs to be clear that " Costa Rica is a small market, so they must design scalable solutions to other countries, " recommended the Inter-American Bank Development (IDB), in its report “Fintech in Costa Rica”.

Melissa López
August 6, 2021