Optimize and grow your business with IT staff growth

Friday, August 6, 2021

Optimize and grow your business with IT staff growth

Software development is being transformed thanks to changes in technology and project management, where hiring resources for remote work teams is not only more common, but also necessary, so its implementation takes more and more force.

Increasing staff will make it easier for your company to hire developers who have the specific skills your team needs.

The increase in staff will make it easier for your company to hire developers who have the specific skills your team needs for specific projects or needs.

At Antit we save you time and money in the selection, hiring and training through a rigorous process where we previously study the specific needs of your company, we will provide you with the ideal and best qualified professional that adapts to your team, giving that necessary boost to your project .

Antit provides FinTech software development outsourcing services and comprehensive fintech solutions to meet the changing needs of modern finance.

One of the main reasons for opting for the staff increase option is to have a qualified team , in a similar time zone, allowing you to reduce costs while maintaining control of your project in real time.

Also, the increase in staff is scalable according to the needs, you decide if you require a person with a specific profile or a complete team to join yours either to a part of your project or to its entirety.

This business model works as a great backup in critical moments where more support is required, facilitating the management of your budget in a more effective way, having control over resources, quality and safety while having the correct skills for each software project.

This will result in saving money without affecting the final result allowing you to offer more competitive prices in both products and processes.

Antit has a large database of talented, highly qualified professionals with the ability to easily adapt to your team, specialized in delivering the best result in the most efficient way.

" Our staff not only has the highest profile and experience , but also maintains constant training and growth in quality and innovation capable of competing in the international market, offering extraordinary results that transform your business with first-rate resources to a lower cost per hour ”, commented Robert Barón, one of Antit's co-founders.

This will allow you not only to hire a developer, but to include a QA team to perfect yours in a more complete and efficient way, allowing you to reach more optimal solutions.

Main benefits for your company

Project management: When your company carries out more than one software project in parallel, its quality and deadlines may be affected, however, opting for the hiring of an external IT team will ensure that each project is managed correctly by filling out those gaps that your team has to be able to finish in a timely manner.

Likewise, the increase in staff will facilitate identify and close any skills gaps within your work team.

Meeting deadlines: Opting to hire a team of developers at critical times who are able to easily adapt to your team will avoid unnecessary delays in project delivery.

Antit's staff are used to working on different projects, facing different challenges, which makes it a versatile team that is easy to adapt rather than one used to working on a single project for a longer period of time.

Quality control: with the addition of specialized IT personnel, you guarantee a high level of quality, without having to worry about time lost in changes and setbacks.

Faster developments: this translates into greater competitiveness in the market by launching your products more quickly, improving your time to market and with a shorter-term return on your investment.

You make the decision on the software development method to be implemented, the deadline, the technologies used and the working method that best suits your team, we make it possible.

Cost reduction: you will only hire the specific person or team you require for a specified period, taking advantage of their experience and skills without worrying about training issues or social guarantees.

Engineers typically cost from a minimum of $ 80 to about $ 200 per hour. That seems reasonable, but when you compare it to Latino contractors, it will generally cost you between $ 40 and $ 80, that's almost half or even less than the market price in the United States, ”explained Barón.

When to opt for staff augmentation or a nearshore?

If what your company requires is the subcontracting of the entire project, your best option is nearshore, as it will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your company while your project progresses with the help of expert engineers and software developers without spending your time and effort at a lower cost.

Antit, by working in a similar time zone, communication with your company will be more instantaneous and fluid , with an excellent use of the English language, reducing the cost of your project without reducing its quality.

Due to our geographical location, we are only a few hours away by having a large number of flights available every week, with a fairly stable socioeconomic environment compared to neighboring countries. Costa Rica stands out for its high level of education, which makes it an attractive place for nearshore investments.

On the other hand, the increase in staff is more suited to those companies that already have a team , are having a difficult time keeping up with daily tickets, or just need to move faster in the progress of an important project.

In addition, you will be able to adapt the IT team to the schedule that best suits you, being able to provide support after the hours when your team leaves, maximizing resources with a lower cost than paying a second shift and even avoiding errors due to excess of work of your staff.

With our services you will obtain the professionalism as well as flexibility that your business needs to scale quickly and complete the development of your projects on time.

Melissa López
August 6, 2021