Native or hybrid apps, which is the best option for your company?

Friday, August 6, 2021

Native or hybrid apps, which is the best option for your company?

The development of a mobile app for your company will allow you to increase your brand recognition and with this your sales, as well as the loyalty of your customers.

The development of a mobile App for your company will allow you to increase your brand recognition and with this your sales, as well as your customer loyalty.

However, before starting with this project, they must decide what type of software technology, whether hybrid or native, best suits their objectives, for this it must be very clear to which platform the application is directed according to the use of our devices. target audience.

Also, aspects such as the time and money that we are willing to invest in the development of the application, the needs of the business, and the project must be taken into account.

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What is a Native App?

The development of this type of App is created in a specific language for iOS or Android this allows achieving a better user experience, as well as greater security and scalability.

However, this type of technology implies a greater investment in its development since it requires designing an App for each platform and maintaining two source codes.

However, as a basis, a native application can be considered to have superior performance and lower resource consumption. 

Among its main advantages are:

Better performance: it offers a faster execution and response speed by having access to all the resources of the computer.

More attractive designs: allows the development of more complex and specialized designs. 

Updates:  Updates are made based on improvements to new equipment and operating systems on the market.

What is a Hybrid App?

On the other hand, when we refer to a hybrid application it is because its development was based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript language, although similar to a web page they are displayed in a WebView, adapting to the device screen.

Hybrid applications stand out for their benefit to time to market by working on a single base code for all versions.

Some of its advantages are:

It is versatile: a unique development which makes it adaptable to multiple platforms allows the base code to be exported and reused, although there may be specific customizations promoting time savings for the developer.

Easy maintenance: its update implies great ease for the developer since it uses a single source code, so the time to market is also reduced.

Responsive: It adapts to any mobile phone and makes it easier to produce new functionalities more quickly.

Accessible cost: it requires a lower investment since the development time is much less than a native application.

Better user experience: Easy to use for any user, no matter what device they have or their operating system.

However, this type of technology has a greater dependence on the Internet connection, a lower execution, and response speed and there could even be compatibility problems between versions of the different App platforms.

Based on the above, you should opt for a hybrid application when your project must come out in the shortest time possible and with a simple design basis.

On the other hand, if the objective is to develop a complex application that exploits the functions of the device to the maximum, be fast, with higher performance and more complex design, a native App will work better despite its high cost.

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Melissa López
August 6, 2021
Mobile Development