Learn how chatbots will improve your business customer service?

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

Chatbots have come to revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers, making their communication more efficient, versatile, and easy. Learn about the main benefits that the inclusion of a chatbot will have for your brand.

This technology provides a quick solution to accelerate processes between brands and their customers, shortening service times as well as customer satisfaction.

Likewise, with the inclusion of a chatbot, your users will obtain fast and fluid attention within their platforms by obtaining answers to their questions or requests in nanoseconds.

Besides, operating costs will be reduced and you will be able to attend thousands of inquiries efficiently without having to increase your payroll to do so, improving your sales funnel, customer service, automating purchases, and improving communication.

Business benefits of using chatbots

Customer service: currently, customers demand immediate responses to their requests, so traditional tools cause companies to lose value in the market due to their inefficiency.

Customers do not like to wait hours to be served so they prefer to dismiss the brand and look for a more effective competitor.

Also, unlike your customer service staff, chatbots do not sleep, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week increasing the possibility of converting new visitors into active customers.

In this aspect, its versatility is enormous, it can help users to make purchases in electronic stores, answer questions, or even take orders.  

Gartner revealed in its latest report that customer service organizations that integrated Artificial Intelligence into their multichannel platforms increased their operational efficiency by 25%.

Cost reduction: waiting times, personnel training costs are reduced since a chatbot can handle several conversations simultaneously while maintaining the same standard.

A new study from Juniper Research has found that operational cost savings from using chatbots in banking will reach $ 7.3 billion worldwide in 2023, up from an estimated $ 209 million in 2019.

Also, the most advanced systems can solve 80% of the queries automatically due to their high level of understanding.

Efficiency in communication: AI chatbots can understand the context of conversations and provide solutions that are tailored to each user, which increases their loyalty.

The most advanced chatbots can remember the preferences of their customers and based on this offering advice, promotions, suggestions for greater user satisfaction by increasing the number of customers by predicting purchase intention.

Language gaps are eliminated: with the use of chatbots that run with Natural Language Processing (NPL) standards, possible friction in communication due to language is eliminated.

During an active interaction with customers, the chatbot stores words and phrases related to inquiries, increasing its knowledge base, over time the chatbots take advantage of its enormous flow of information to offer improved and reliable customer service.

According to the Oracle report issued during 2020, 80% of companies plan to adopt or have artificial intelligence integrated into their operations. 

Increase Loyalty - This technology has been proven to increase customer loyalty by enhancing their brand experience while providing valuable data for the business.  

Brand-engaged customers buy 90% more than average customers and spend 60% more per purchase.

Chatbots can recognize, understand, and respond to inquiries as well as problems in seconds.

According to Gartner, a chatbot is capable of responding within five seconds after the initial contact with a customer, as opposed to an agent that will take an average of 51 seconds.