Learn about the challenges that cybersecurity will have in 2021

Friday, August 6, 2021

Learn about the challenges that cybersecurity will have in 2021

To avoid problems due to a bad experience, it is necessary to know the trends that will determine cybersecurity for 2021.
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To avoid problems due to a bad experience, it is necessary to know the trends that will determine cybersecurity for 2021.

Currently, the global loss forecast from cybercrime according to Cybersecurity Ventures researchers will reach $ 6 billion by 2021.

With this outlook, it is important to identify the IT weaknesses that your company may have to build a more mature organization, especially in a context where the increase in remote work means a greater number of attacks on the mobile sector.

During 2020 it is estimated that 43% of the leaks that companies had happened in web applications, more than double that of 2019 according to data from Verizon in its Data Breach Investigations Report.

Cybersecurity Mesh: Cybersecurity Mesh is a distributed architectural approach for scalable, flexible, and reliable cybersecurity control becoming the star trend of 2021.

Besides, it allows treating the company as a walled city and adapting it to its current needs, even allowing the visibility of all the devices that are linked in one way or another to the company, establishing a perfectly defined perimeter. 

Improvement in authentication methods: it is necessary not only to strengthen authentication methods but even to opt for new methods such as behavioral biometrics that help to have greater transparency with both internal staff and our clients.

Likewise, remote authentication is available that allows knowing who and when accesses company information, this will allow knowing the user, type of device, location, time of day, type of connection, and more.

Automation through artificial intelligence: artificial intelligence makes it easier to detect, analyze and prioritize the alerts that arise in the company more efficiently.

According to IDC, by 2024, artificial intelligence will be an integral part of all business activities, and at least 90% of corporate applications will use artificial intelligence.

Advanced data encryption: the encryption of files, documents, and information and especially in purchases, financial transactions, and P2P communication.

The analysis of network information has evolved from a descriptive approach to predictive and prescriptive, that is, capable of providing the information necessary to act proactively.

Identification of vulnerabilities: it is important to assess risks, define the level of exposure and determine the security objectives of the company to develop a strategy accordingly.

Network segmentation and isolation strategy reduce the success of attacks by 25%, and if combined with a multi-layered approach, it will ensure compliance with data protection regulations and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

For this, it becomes essential to consider several layers of technologies that allow visibility before, during, and after an attack, allowing to isolate those devices that could be involved.

This 2021 comes with new challenges that will imply the adoption of technology by companies to improve the monitoring of suspicious behavior, which may translate into losses due to not detecting vulnerabilities promptly.

At AntIT we advise you with the appropriate tools as well as with a team of trained people who will help you develop a personalized cybersecurity strategy to the needs of your company.


Melissa López
August 6, 2021