Increase the competitiveness of your company with the inclusion of IT

Friday, August 6, 2021

Increase the competitiveness of your company with the inclusion of IT

Information Technology (IT) was the main lifeboat of many companies that managed to give continuity to their business through this technological model, learn how your company can stand out in the market with the use of this technology.

Information Technology (IT) was the main lifeboat of many companies that managed to give continuity to their business through this technological model,  learn how your company can stand out in the market with the use of this technology.

Good IT management is essential for business growth in all sectors, with its inclusion in every part of the business hierarchy will allow you to see a positive impact on your return on investment.

IT management is responsible for managing the technology used to store and distribute data, as well as for the administration of all activities, solutions, and technological resources of the company.

In the same way, IT is scalable so it will grow as the needs of your company do, denying the belief that it is only accessible and useful for large companies.

It is advisable to start benefiting from IT management by hiring an external team to help you manage these processes to make your business more efficient.

At AntIT we have vast experience in IT technology management, we have highly trained, efficient staff capable of adapting to the objectives of your company and helping you achieve them.

2021 is expected to be a challenging year where technology will be crucial according to CompTIA's annual report, global revenues from the IT sector will reach 4.8 trillion dollars.

If your venture is e-commerce, choose platforms that facilitate access for buyers, with accessible technology, which in turn generates sales reports and helps lead conversion.

Also, with the inclusion of IT technology, your company will be able to improve the management of its information, making processes simpler and more efficient.

In the same way, it will make it easier for you to control multiple technological platforms,  allowing you to stay at the forefront of trends that add competitiveness and innovation to any business.

Besides, IT improves data collection, selection, comparison, distribution, treatment, storage, and protection of such information.

Learn about the advantages that IT management can offer your business:

Increased productivity: real-time information as required regardless of the time of day, faster, more agile procedures, elimination of repetitive and cumbersome tasks.

Cost reduction: although IT implementation requires an initial investment, however, in the medium and long term it will translate into a higher return on investment by eliminating unnecessary costs for your company.

Software as a service allows organizations to pay only for the technology they need, with the option to scale when needed.

Security: greater security of sensitive data since the leakage of information can translate into damage to the image of your business.

Better customer service: it will improve your customer service channels by integrating into a single system, allowing faster and more efficient responses.

Process optimization: allows the consultation of data, records, and identification in a more efficient way, saving time and money.

Identification of new business opportunities: with the use of technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, your company will be able to make better of the data to provide more personalized products to your customers and identify better business opportunities.

However, the success of a correct IT management will depend on three important factors:

People: IT management depends on having a good technology team according to the needs of your company and its specialty in the market.

With AntIT, your company will not have to worry about hiring issues, staff training, and long waiting times, we provide the personnel that your company requires with the highest filters to ensure their capabilities.

Tools: both the selection, implementation, and maintenance of the software that are required are the responsibility of the IT team that the company has and is what will allow it to optimize the processes that it has.

Processes: the tools are important but the person must be gradually trained to adapt to the management of the processes that each one requires, in this way they will be used in the best possible way.

Here are some of the Information Technology applications available on the market:

Internet of behavior (IoB): systems with visualization will allow companies to collect and analyze behavioral data from different sources to understand the interaction of people.

Data security - Confidentiality remains one of the pillars of a successful organization whose data is invaluable to its operations, especially in a remote work environment.

Total-experience strategy: it is about creating a unique experience for clients, employees, and users linked to each other, differentiating a company from its competitors in a sustainable way from remote work, mobile applications, among others. 

Mobile applications facilitate any consumer experience, from purchases, bank transfers, among others. 

Distributed Cloud - This allows cloud services to be distributed across different physical locations, but the operation, governance, and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider.

 Edge Computing: it is one of the technologies that will define and revolutionize how humans and devices connect to the internet, including machine learning, 5G, video games, and more.

It consists of bringing the processing power as close as possible to where the data is being generated, that is, it consists of bringing the cloud to the user

Its model based on the deployment of data centers close to the services optimizes the bandwidth and, therefore, the service provided.

Biometric security: allowing security without passwords, theft, or loss of credentials continue to cause security breaches, encouraging the adoption of these technologies.

Organizations are also moving toward a password-free future using biometric sensors.

In 2021 the market will demand that companies have new digital platforms that allow them to connect and automate their environments.

At AntIT we facilitate the process towards greater innovation and digitization of your services with extensive experience in digital transformation processes in the market.


Melissa López
August 6, 2021