Improve and control your finances from your cell phone

Friday, August 6, 2021

Improve and control your finances from your cell phone

With the rise of FinTech, financial apps are becoming more and more popular, as they make it easier for you to manage your budget more efficiently and help you save for that trip, project, or wish list you have in mind.

With the emergence of FinTech, financial apps make it easier to manage your budget efficiently, take a tour with us through the list of the most popular.

Technology has become an ally to forget about pencil and paper or even spreadsheets, simplifying these processes from the comfort of your cell phone, obtaining daily, weekly or monthly reports of your income and expenses.

For businessman or merchant there are applications that will facilitate the management of their finances, the visualization of graphs and even the export of them to PDF or Excel.

In the region, one of the companies that stands out in FinTech development is Antit, who already have four of the main FinTech applications on the market , whose digital architecture and implementation stand out for their design and efficiency.

Antit specializes in software development and comprehensive financial technology solutions, to help organizations adapt to the changing needs of modern finance.

These financial literacy tools greatly simplify processes such as transfers, payroll, and business accounting.

The Apps that we will explain below allow you to graphically see the composition of your budget compared to all its components.

The options are varied as well as their uses but in all of them you can keep a record of your financial movements, then we will take a tour of the most popular and easiest to use Apps .


It received the Google award for the best finance app, standing out as the number one application for cost control app.

Among its main features and functions is the ability to configure notifications or receive alerts for duplicate payments or purchases, service payment management, service expiration and more .

On the other hand, based on your spending pattern, Fintonic gives you an automatic monthly forecast of what you will spend and what you can adjust to improve your numbers and achieve your goals faster.


It shares the same functionalities with Fintonic , it is literally a financial diary, each daily expense or purchase can be added without problem , at the same time that it is glimpsed in a monthly expenses graph.

It is also one of the best savings applications to help you manage money not only keeps an accounting record of your personal expenses, but also compares them with your monthly income thanks to the budget planner and daily expenses organizer.

It includes a calendar in which any important payment date can be marked , then an alert is activated to notify the next term to expire.

It allows you to create budgets based on income and expenses, which gives the possibility of establishing a limit of expenses per month and, any excess money is considered as an extra the following month.


This app makes it easy to customize your budget with a variety of icons between expenses, income, and transfers. In expenses you will have options such as: shopping, food, transportation, house, car, entertainment, health, education, etc.

Likewise, it allows you to create a budget for personal and commercial projects, schedule your payments, control debts and record transfers.

Additionally, this digital tool can help you diagnose, recover, or improve your financial health with attractive charts , financial summaries of your finances, bank accounts, debt, and more.

With Wallet you can say goodbye to the notes in your expense book or get rid of the spreadsheet that you use to plan your budget for the month, use the user's emotions to know their satisfaction with each purchase and deliver a weekly summary if the expenses were worth the sorrow.


It stands out for its control of the smallest detail of personal expenses, this app available for both iOS and Android allows the planning and monitoring of your personal and family finances.

In addition, it allows you to connect to your bank account and import all your transactions and it will indicate how much percentage of your monthly expenses budget you have covered.

It has a very attractive, friendly and user-friendly design, analyzing your finances with graphics.

In addition, you can create a wallet that will allow you to share your partner, partner or family expenses to better control your finances to achieve a common goal.

When recording expenses , it is very easy to add new entries, with their amounts, clarifying notes that will help you give more details of the expense.

Toshl Finance

Unlike the other applications, this one allows you to export the data that you collect from your finances in formats such as Excel, Word, Google Docs, text file or PDF. It is available for both Android and iOS system.

On the other hand, it allows you to organize your personal or business invoices and even alerts you when you are approaching your budget limits.

Finally, it offers multiple functionalities both in its free version and in its pro version.

Melissa López
August 6, 2021