Importance of UX / UI design in agile software development

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

Offering commercial value in a fast and innovative way is one of the main objectives of the UX / UI that, combined with Agile methodology, allows the user to always be the center of product design and development.

Likewise, agile development techniques allow us to build, test, deliver and review products in less time, improving the Time to Market (TTM) of your company.

FinTechs have been the spearhead in the development of TTM, showing that the secret is to have a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team, but above all, trained to get the best version in the shortest time.

In this regard, Antit stands out for having agile developers and experienced specialists in delivering the best result most efficiently.

Antit is a company at the forefront of FinTech development offering innovative, versatile, and competitive products in a market that requires constantly reinventing ourselves to stand out in the face of a digital transformation that is even faster.

Companies need to invest in software that makes it easier for them to interact with their customers in a more effective way that allows them to boost their business and at AntIT facilitating this is one of our main goals.

On the other hand, the UX / UI design allows the creation of products with interfaces that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding users, offering better usability, accessibility, and satisfaction.

Initially, we proceed to define the best functionalities that the product should have, and later the designer focuses on its characteristics, interactions, and the due usability tests.

For this, the user to whom the product will be addressed must be investigated, in this way a customer-centered approach can be offered, with the conceptualization that will serve as the basis for developers.

The UX designer should share the knowledge of his research with the team, identifying customer needs and pain points.

Also, in this way it is possible to put usability as well as functionality on the same level of importance, unifying in a single strategy the design and coding in all the stages of the project.

If modifications are necessary during development processes, the UX designer will guide how to solve these problems from a user experience perspective, resulting in time and cost savings.

User experience design cannot be a separate component of software development but must be integrated into an agile lifecycle.

At Antit we have UX / UI professionals who focus on making your mobile application design attractive and innovative while working with agile and efficient systems that are easy to use for the user.

If you are looking to develop an App for your company, Antit is an excellent option with great experience in the market capable of creating a personalized application that adapts to the needs of your company and makes it stand out in the market.