Implementation of Big Data in your company What are the main challenges?

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

Get the most out of your data and gain a competitive advantage by better understanding your customers, accessing new markets, or improving your internal processes.

Companies that decide to start working with Big Data and analytics must know how to handle the constant flow of data from various sources that must be constantly stored, processed, and managed.

This technology is one of the main trends that digital transformation has brought and among its benefits are: improved decision-making, more specific customer segmentation, and increased productivity.

However, it is necessary to have specialized personnel in the management of this technology, otherwise your investment will be destined to fail, so below we mention the main challenges that you must take into account before adopting Big Data in the processes development of your company:

Lack of knowledge about data science: Technology is constantly advancing and many companies, without an IT team to stay up to date, become unable to make use of the analytics tools in which they have invested.

This since through different technological solutions it is determined if the information is valuable, to improve different types of processes in the company.

For this reason, having Big Data engineers or even a full IT team is a necessary acquisition whether you are expanding your team or opting to outsource IT, staff.

In the case of AntIT, our staff has constant training to offer you the best service with the latest technology that makes it stand out in the market, we help you whether you only require a specific professional or, on the contrary, a complete team at your service. provision.

Organizational changes: all areas of your company must learn to get the most out of data analysis, so it is essential when deciding to work with this type of technology to start with a training process and even internal culture to train from basic to the advanced level depending on the work area.

Data securitydata loss can lead to loss of competitive information or even your customers, so you should always invest in protecting them.

This aspect also includes shielding the data internally to control who has access to the data, protecting them with identity and access controls so that they are not compromised.

Effective interpretation: you must have the right professionals who allow you to efficiently interpret high volumes of information to draw conclusions that are practical for the company.

This is because one of the most important challenges when implementing Big Data solutions is to ensure that the information that is analyzed is accurate and relevant to the business. 

At AntIT we help you make efficient use of data, making sure to find the solution that best suits your company.