How to Create NFT Art and Sell It

james jara
April 16, 2021

NFT is the next big thing in the crypto world. With its marketplace growing substantially, it is important for all to know what is it and how can you make money out of it? NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens, in simple words, are only one-of-a-kind assets in the digital world. These tokens allow you to become the owner of unique digital products. One of the biggest differences between Cryptocurrency and NFT is that, unlike crypto, NFT is unique and one-of-a-kind; you can't replace one product with another. This is a major factor contributing to the rise of NFT.

NFT Market is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in recent times, and it is to grow more in the future. Industrial investors, as well as private collectors, are investing hefty amounts into the industry. Just recently, it was seen that a collage of virtual art by the digital artist Beeple was sold at the flabbergasting rate of $69.3 Million! This is just one of many cases in which a large amount of money was invested into the purchase of a digital product.

Collectors of different unique items have shown special interest in NFT crypto, and the craze goes to such extent that a matchless "1-1-1" race car from the game F1 Delta time was sold at the gigantic price of 415.9 Ethereum. Crazy! Right? And, it doesn’t stop here. The most expensive and popular NFT on the web currently is the unique Dragon the Cryptokitty, which is valued at the hefty price of 600 Ethereum.

Now that you have seen how much investors are willing to give for a one-of-a-kind product, you should start thinking about how you can be on the receiving end of the money. In short, it's time to start creating and selling NFT The process is fairly simple. What you need to have is a digital wallet where you can keep the NFT secure as well as some amount of Ethereum. Apart from this, you need to have a connection to NFT Marketplace, whether it be OpenSea or Rarible, so you can put your product at auction. If you have some good digital artwork that is one-of-a-kind, then it's time you make some money out of it. Just upload that product onto any marketplace, connect your digital wallet with your account, and you are good to go. This is a simplified way of making NFT.

The investors who are interested in your product will present their offers, and if it gets approves, then your income will directly be transferred into your digital account. Some of the popular NFT are artworks or related to gaming; therefore, if you are good at any one of them, it's time you try your luck on NFT and make a fortune. As said earlier, NFT is the next big thing and a big step towards the digitalization of the world; thus, it is better that you start trying your luck when there is still to experiment. To conclude, all that has been said, NFT is a growing marketplace with a lot of potentials, and an investment in these one-of-a-kind digital products can prove to be really fruitful.