Stand out in the market with a custom mobile App

Friday, August 6, 2021

Stand out in the market with a custom mobile App

Greater development and visibility of your business in the digital market is just the tip of the iceberg of everything you can get when deciding to have a mobile application for your company.

Get further development and visibility of your business in the digital market with a mobile application for your company.

Regardless of the sector or services that your business performs, it is essential that it has a strategy and digital identity that differentiates it from its competitors and in this, investing in a personalized mobile application is essential.

Currently, Apps have completely changed the consumption habits of the majority of users who seek this medium to access a greater number of products and services in an easier and more immediate way.

People on average invest 3 hours and 40 minutes a day in mobile applications, this has grown by 10% compared to last year, according to the Global Mobile Situation 2020 study carried out by Yiminshum.

In addition, users have spent about 120 billion USD on mobile applications, increasing by 20% compared to last year, per smartphone they spent about 21.62 USD only during 2019.

Advantages of having a mobile app for your company

Likewise, opting for a mobile App will allow your business to stand out above your competition, generating an increase in sales and positioning your brand, by having a more immediate approach with your customers.

Greater connection with your customers: with a mobile App you will be able to increase interconnectivity and improve the experience in the acquisition of products and services, which will translate into greater loyalty from users.

Your customers will have easier access to your products or services, they will be able to receive notifications of the news of your company, events, promotions, etc.

Antit is a company specialized in the development of mobile applications through its services you can obtain an App that adapts to the specific needs of your business.

For this we offer you an expert analysis both in the design and in the development of your mobile application, thanks to the Minium Viable Product (MVP) system you will be able to have your application in an average time of three months, whether you decide that it is native. or hybrid.

"With our great experience in developing Apps, our company will help you obtain the best mobile technology for your business , allowing the application to be tailored to your client, increasing the identification of your brand," said James Jara, co-founder of Antit. .

Optimize the attention of your customers through an App: achieve a more automatic but above all personalized response , using the same data that the application will provide you will be able to know even better the movements and characteristics of your customers. Consequently, you will make more precise decisions to improve the direction of your business.

Antit may be responsible for keeping your application updated and renewing it as technology does.

In this regard, we recommend that your application always include a messaging service, which allows the user to contact a support agent to resolve their doubts or problems. Thus avoiding a bad review by a user due to a slow response.

Likewise, our platform allows us to test the development and performance of the applications in real time , which makes it easier for us to notice if an error arises even before the users.

Strengthening your brand: you can interact with your customers by creating specific strategies for your group of consumers, with their consent you can send them offers tailored to their interests by creating direct channel marketing.

With Antit you can make your application intuitive, with an attractive design, modern interface , with the use of next-generation technologies and native mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Improve positioning: your SEO positioning will improve through stores such as App Store and Google Play by increasing organic searches, your App will be a great tool in terms of advertising and loyalty.

Our apps have a four out of five public approval and are created by a team of expert UI / UX designers.

Sales: with the time savings you will be able to see this translated into a greater flow of users interested in purchasing products or services.

For greater ease of navigation, it is recommended that there be a section of frequently asked questions or automatic answers to these types of questions, with this you will reduce the number of support tickets.

Contact us at Antit we are your best option for your mobile application development!

Melissa López
August 6, 2021