Get to know the UX trends for 2021

Friday, August 6, 2021

Get to know the UX trends for 2021

As an entrepreneur, it is important to know which are the trends that stand out in the market to make your brand stand out from the rest so that your customers feel attracted to stay on your platform, whether it is web or mobile.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to know which are the trends that stand out in the market to make your brand stand out from the rest so that your customers feel attracted to stay on your platform, whether it is web or mobile.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things is to create visually attractive and above all intuitive solutions that focus on improving the user experience when interacting with the interface.

When we talk about user experience, everything related to aspects of user interaction with the brand is included within a certain platform, so it is essential to discover the UX strategy that best suits your objectives as a brand.

Likewise, make it easier for your user to find what they require as quickly as possible by paying attention to their customers and what type of links they click most frequently. 

Below we will show you the main trends that promise to stand out in the digital market in 2021 regarding UX design.

Use of graphical interfaces without buttons: making use of interactions such as gestures and voice will allow new interactions with users, so intuitive that it has gesture recognition that allows knowing how to act either from a Smartphone or PC.

In this aspect enter the voice interfaces that through chatbots facilitate the search for information, which will allow your company to stand out from the competition.

Integrated biometric resources: this to simplify the user experience to the maximum by reducing process times while improving security.

In the case of Antit, our applications use biometric security to automate processes and provide greater security to our users based on the latest technology for this.

Dark mode: this has been one of the trends that stood out the most in 2020 in applications such as Instagram and Apple, however, it intends to remain during 2021 due to its modern touch that allows other design elements to be highlighted.

Also, it offers battery saving on mobile devices, reduces visual fatigue, and gives the user the option of having more than one option for their navigation.

Inclusion of immersive 3D elements: this element of hyper-realistic 3D images is expected to gain more strength during 2021 with the push of VR and AR technology, thus increasing the average session time.

These images attract users as they transcend the limits between virtual and real space, for the successful implementation of these elements is to have high performance in its user interface, with fast loading and optimization so as not to affect the response times for having such heavy content.

A convincing narration: it is no longer enough to understand the user and his journey, but the narration takes an essential place in the development of a website or mobile application.

This allows creating greater empathy and connection with users by transferring emotions through products but in a more creative way.

Besides, focusing on the value of the product that the customer offers creates more visually and cognitively engaging content, with memorable storytelling and personalized experiences that translate into more satisfied customers.

UX writing will play an even bigger role in setting up the product's user interface. 

Use of realistic textures: Implementing designs with textures and contours but harmoniously can create focal points that visually stand out to the user.

More empathetic communication style: through UX writing, it makes the user feel part of the brand,  by projecting a dialogue more similar to the daily one according to the target audience with whom they interact.

Behavioral Design: This will allow you to keep your customers engaged with your products or services by achieving a deeper understanding of their intrinsic needs, what makes your user react to translate it into greater retention with persuasive modifications of the physical and digital environment.

At Antit we have UX / UI professionals who focus on making the design of your mobile application attractive and innovative, at the same time that it works with agile and efficient systems that are easy to use for the user, which simplifies navigation.

If you are looking to develop an App for your company, Antit is an excellent option with great experience in the market capable of creating a personalized application that adapts to the needs of your company and makes it stand out in the market.


Melissa López
August 6, 2021
Mobile Development