FinOps methodology focuses on maximizing the value of the cloud

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

When we talk about FinOps, we mean a framework applied to the cloud that involves a combination of systems, good practices, and organizational culture. 

Its main objective is to end the division of labor by increasing agility, favoring spaces for innovation, and integrating the teams involved in a cloud strategy from both a technical and business perspective.

This methodology is divided into three phases, the first one involves using tools that allow forming a more efficient architecture.

Among these is the Well-Architected Framework that works both as a prelude to migration or after it, facilitating scalability and cost-efficiency through a theoretical framework. 

In this way, the company can obtain a greater benefit from its investment in the cloud, based on the best practices and guidelines of the public cloud platform.

In the second, actions must be taken to reduce costs per hour. In this phase, an analysis must be made of what the usual use of your resources will be and verify if its dimension is correct.

Also, a cleanup of orphaned resources is developed: unallocated storage volumes, snapshots, elastic IPS, Elastic Load Balancer, NAT Gateway.

Finally, we establish a periodic cleaning schedule and create alerts to avoid unnecessary costs, as well as a continuous update with the service teams and tools available. 

In the same way, the elimination of unnecessary EC2 instances such as environments that operate at night or on weekends unnecessarily, AMIs, and associated volume snapshots are carried out. 

Also, remove resources that are deployed in regions outside of those pre-established areas. As part of this phase, you should also delete unused resources, change the type of storage according to frequency.

The cloud allows us to store data on an external server that makes it easy for us to access them quickly and with a minimum of management,  so it is a fundamental part of any business strategy that wants to leap digitization.

Antit has expert information technology (IT) professionals capable of accompanying you in each of the processes that you require both to carry out the migration to the cloud and to optimize this resource.