Companies that increased their use of technology in 2020 improved their revenues

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

The income of the companies that made greater use of technology for the development of their business saw their income increase by 6%, according to the IBM study called "Digital Acceleration".

It indicates that said companies that belonged to 12 economic sectors where technology is a differentiating factor of competitiveness, improved their performance concerning their competition.

Mobile technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Cloud are now the three most strategic technologies, while others such as IoT, which topped the ranking before the pandemic, now occupy sixth place. 

Likewise, this study highlights that six out of ten organizations have adopted AI to improve customer satisfaction and transform the direction of the organization.

Similarly, cloud technology stands out. 11 of the industries analyzed have invested more in the cloud, obtaining significantly better results in terms of income during the pandemic.

Learn about the advantages that IT management can offer your business:

Increased productivity: real-time information as required regardless of the time of day, faster, more agile procedures, elimination of repetitive and cumbersome tasks.

Cost reduction: although IT implementation requires an initial investment, however, in the medium and long term it will translate into a higher return on investment by eliminating unnecessary costs for your company.

Software as a service allows organizations to pay only for the technology they need, with the option to scale when needed.

Process optimization: allows the consultation of data, records, and identification in a more efficient way, saving time and money.

Identification of new business opportunities: with the use of technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, your company will be able to make better of the data to provide more personalized products to your customers and identify better business opportunities.

However, the success of a correct IT management will depend on three important factors:

Processes: the tools are important but the person must be gradually trained to adapt to the management of the processes that each one requires, in this way they will be used in the best possible way.

Here are some of the Information Technology applications available on the market:

Internet of behavior (IoB): systems with visualization will allow companies to collect and analyze behavioral data from different sources to understand the interaction of people.

Total-experience strategy: it is about creating a unique experience for clients, employees, and users linked to each other, differentiating a company from its competitors in a sustainable way from remote work, mobile applications, among others. 

Mobile applications facilitate any consumer experience, from purchases, bank transfers, among others. 

Distributed Cloud - This allows cloud services to be distributed across different physical locations, but the operation, governance, and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider.

Edge Computing: it is one of the technologies that will define and revolutionize the way humans and devices connect to the internet, including machine learning, 5G, video games, and more.

It consists of bringing the processing power as close as possible to where the data is being generated, that is, it consists of bringing the cloud to the user

Its model based on the deployment of data centers close to the services optimizes the bandwidth and, therefore, the service provided.

Biometric security: allowing security without passwords, theft, or loss of credentials to continue to cause security breaches, encouraging the adoption of these technologies.

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