Colombia and Brazil divide the main unicorns in Latin America

Friday, August 6, 2021

Colombia and Brazil divide the main unicorns in Latin America

Currently, the majority of companies considered unicorns in Latin America, after surpassing the barrier of $ 1,000 million dollars in market value, were born as startups and FinTechs.

Startups and FinTechs are considered unicorns when they exceed the barrier of $ 1,000 million dollars in market value, know the main ones in Latin America.

These digital companies are mostly quite young, they started as startups in years after 2010 , but they have been able to identify underserved sectors and take advantage of the opportunity to fill that space with innovative ideas according to the digital age.

The term unicorn is first coined by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures in 2013, referring to 39 companies, many of which are currently considered great technological giants such as: Twitter, Linkedin, Airbnb and Facebook among others.

During 2020, Brazil stood out as the country with the most unicorns, eight of the 10 most valuable in the region , according to data from KoreFusion, Brazil represents 77% of total investment in the Fintech sector in the Americas during the current year .

Likewise, according to the latest edition of the ' The Global Unicorn Club ' ranking of the commercial intelligence company CB Insights, published in September 2020, Nubank tops this list with a value of US $ 10 billion, making it the fintech with the highest capitalization of the western market and in the first in Latin America to obtain the status of decacor.

Currently, Nubank has already attracted almost 30 million clients in Brazil (more than 14% of the population), 150,000 in Mexico and recently announced that it will land in Colombia under the name of Nu Colombia SAS

The next on the list is the game developer Wildlife Studios. This company that was born in a small São Paulo studio, with an investment of only US $ 100, became one of the 10 largest game developers in the world with capital $ 3 billion.

Within the list of Wildlife games are several of the most played titles worldwide, such as Tennis Clash and Zooba, among others.

In third place is the digital payments startup dLocal that became the first 'Unicorn' in Uruguay valued at $ 1.2 billion.

This company founded in 2016 is dedicated to offering digital payment solutions already operating in 20 different countries with 450 clients, including giants such as: Netflix, Amazon, Uber and Visa, among others.

KAVAK enters the same valuation, which becomes the first startup in Mexico to reach a valuation of more than $ 1,200 million. Kavak works as a platform focused on the buying and selling of used cars specializing in identifying existing opportunities within the pre-owned car market both in Mexico and in part of Latin America.

Likewise, on the part of Colombia LifeMiles comes to light with a valuation of about US $ 1,150 million , this company is part of Avianca Holdings and is the airline's frequent flyer program allowing you to buy tickets, services and products through miles.

Finally, also from Colombia, Rappi, founded in 2015, stands out in the first places, which already has a value of $ 1,000 million, said platform has stood out for its variety of express services, online purchases and even payment platform with its own credit card. credit and debit.

Here the complete list of all the unicorns in Latam, updated to 2020.

The fintech Nubank ( Brazil ): u $ s10,000 million

The video game developer Wild Life ( Brazil ): u $ s3,000 million and has already arrived in Argentina

DLocal ( Uruguay ): u $ s1,200 million

Life Mile (Colombia): u $ s1,150 million

· The Rappi delivery app (Colombia): u $ s1,000 million

Its rival iFood (Brazil): US $ 1 billion

The logistics firm Loggi (Brazil): US $ 1 billion

· Proptech QuintoAndar (Brazil): $ 1 billion

The fintech Ebanx (Brazil): US $ 1 billion

The proptech Loft (Brasil): u $ s1.000 millones

Melissa López
August 6, 2021