Boost your mobile application with the inclusion of chatbots

Friday, August 6, 2021

Boost your mobile application with the inclusion of chatbots

Deliver a more streamlined user experience that stands out from your competitors with the use of artificial intelligence chatbots that will take your mobile app to another level.

Offer a more optimized user experience and stand out from your competitors with the use of artificial intelligence chatbots that will take your mobile application to another level.

Chatbots stand out as a solution to improve customer service by emulating a human assistant, capable of holding conversations and offering immediate responses to users' needs.

Nowadays, many users after entering a mobile application for the first time do not return when they come across somewhat confusing experiences, so an intelligent chatbot can make a difference by interacting with the user and showing them all the functionalities of the application.

The size of the chatbot market is estimated to grow at a 30% CAGR to reach $ 15 billion by 2025, according to Adroit Market Research .

In the same way, chatbots will allow you to provide your users with information about your company in a more efficient and effective way than conventional methods.

Likewise, with the incorporation of a chatbots the participation, retention and conversion rate of your mobile application will be increased, at the same time that it will be able to offer a more automatic and interactive support with videos, images or links.

In addition, it will allow you to automate your sales processes by facilitating the inclusion of scripts that allow you to approach the user according to your marketing objectives and in an uninterrupted way with a fluid experience.

This type of technology allows you to drive the automation of mobile applications , offering better conversion results with your customers.

There are various chatbots, some so modern that they incorporate advanced voice functions and natural language processing , which make them capable of even deciphering the intentions of their interlocutors.

How to identify if you need a chatbot

  • You receive a large number of messages through your application and due to its slow response, it is costing you a low score or negative comments.
  • ¬†You want to establish a closer relationship with your customers.
  • You seek to increase your conversion rates without significantly increasing your invested costs.

Chatbot features:

  • They can broadcast messages in bulk.
  • They efficiently channel a user with a need.
  • They can be personalized concerning a specific task or activity.
  • They serve to process orders and streamline business procedures.

Types of chatbots

Omnichannel chatbots: allows it to be implemented in multiple digital media such as website, mobile application, Messenger, but still be managed from a single platform.                                                                                 

Through this type of technology, complaints, claims, doubts can be dealt with comprehensively, and even redirect the client to another means that the company has for greater satisfaction.

A report from the Aberdeen Group revealed that companies with an ongoing commitment to omnichannel customer service maintain an average of 89% of their existing customers

Retail Chatbots: This type refers to chatbots that are more focused on selling a certain product, while also offering customer service while providing you with ideas, suggestions, alerts, and updates on existing inventory.

E-commerce chatbots: they are designed to answer specific and repetitive questions, being able to answer up to 80% of customer support questions.

Transactional or banking chatbot: helps clients to review their accounts, balances, perform real-time or scheduled transactions, financial planning, and even advice.

The integration of a chatbot in your mobile application will allow you to channel up to 90% of your customers' inquiries in a faster and more comprehensive way.

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Melissa López
August 6, 2021
Mobile Development