Reap the benefits of IT staffing and boost your business

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

Why wasting time, money and effort when opting for IT staff augmentation will provide your company with the specific developer your team needs.

Staffing works through hiring a software development company, which will be responsible for finding the professional you need.

At Antit we save you time and money in the selection, hiring and training through a rigorous process where we study the specific needs of your company.

This business model works as a backup at critical times where more support is required, offering you the right skills for each software project.

How IT Outsourcing Works

  • Define objectives: does your company require a person or a whole team? What requirements do your candidates need to meet?
  • How long will the service take: IT staff will come in to expedite a critical moment in development, or will join your team from the start. 

In this way you will better manage your budget more effectively, having control over resources and their quality. 

Also, this will allow you not only to hire a developer but to include a QA team to perfect yours more completely and efficiently, allowing you to reach more optimal solutions. 

  • Schedule or required availability: it will function as an extension of support for your work team after it ends working, forming a second shift, or on the contrary, it will comprehensively join your team.

Advantages of opting for IT staff augmentation

Lower development costs: you will only hire the specific person or team you require for a specified period, taking advantage of their experience and skills without worrying about training issues or social guarantees.

“Engineers typically cost from a minimum of $ 80 to about $ 200 per hour. That seems reasonable, but when you compare it to Latino contractors, it will generally cost you between $ 40 and $ 80, that's almost half or even less than the market price in the United States, ”explained Antit co-founder Barón.

Fast and efficient recruitment: time savings in the selection, interviews, and training.

Antit has a large database of talented, highly qualified professionals with the ability to easily adapt to your team, specialized in delivering the best result most efficiently.

Reduction of operating costs: you will only hire the specific person or team that you require for a specified period, taking advantage of their experience and skills without worrying about training issues or social guarantees.

Quality control: with the addition of specialized IT personnel, you guarantee a high level of quality, without having to worry about wasted time in changes and setbacks.

Increased production and team size: With the increase in staff, you will get a greater number of developers at a much lower price than the market, which will make it easier for you to hire a greater number of people.

Flexibility: it will give you greater flexibility and strength since while your team sleeps your extra staff will be able to tackle that urgent technical problem without delaying its effectiveness.

Faster developments: this translates into greater competitiveness in the market by launching your products more quickly, improving your time to market, and with a shorter-term return on your investment.

Meeting deadlines: Opting to hire a team of developers at critical times who can easily adapt to your team will avoid unnecessary delays in project delivery.

Project management: having a project leader can facilitate the administration of resources and dedicated deadlines in your projects, this while at the same time giving you the focus you need to conclude the software project in an efficient and agile way.

Aspects to consider when deciding to outsource IT personnel service

Protection of intellectual property: ALWAYS make sure that in the hiring process you include a confidentiality agreement that protects the information of the company.

Transparent monthly fee: The outsourcing company will have to charge a fixed monthly fee for each developer that it provides that already includes the payment of its services as an intermediary. 

In Antit you will only have to choose between candidates who fulfill 100% of the requirements that you raised previously.

With the increase in IT staff, you will be able to maintain full control over resources, quality, and security of your project, with the benefit of having the specific skills you need to complete with the highest quality and in the shortest time.