Antit team: more than a company an experience

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

Under the leadership of two young Costa Ricans, AntIT has stood out for offering efficient and innovative products that cross borders.

Specializing in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Time-To-Market (TTM) products, they have consolidated to the point of needing to export their talent to other parts of Latin America.

"Our vision is to offer our clients the best software development partnership and outsourcing expertise," said Antit co-founder Robert Barón.

This is possible by providing an excellent work environment that turns happy employees who make happy customers.

Specialists in mobile and Web developments

Our collaborators work remotely from anywhere in the country with the flexibility to do it wherever and whenever they want.

This allows them to have greater autonomy that translates into better productivity, working focused in an environment without interruptions and where they feel more committed and fulfilled with their daily work.

Antit members work for objectives and goals so their daily work is specific, measurable, achievable and realistic, seeking to see short-term results through tools that will allow us to verify weekly progress.

Our team remains in continuous training with Antit Education, where our main interest is to form an increasingly specialized team and collaborators can develop their knowledge and skills.

Keep growing, be part of us!