Antit: A company with Costa Rican talent but a global vision

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

In an era where entrepreneurs must adapt to the technological transformation of their clients or plunge into oblivion, Antit arrives , the company where technology, youth and talent stand out as its main pillars.

James Jara and Robert Barón joined their experience and trajectory, but above all their ingenuity, to enter a market that until now had been dominated by large foreign capital consortia such as FinTech.

FinTech pioneers

Antit is a mobile development company specialized in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Time-To-Market (TTM) products, which was founded in 2015 taking advantage of the highly qualified resource that our country offers to enter the FinTech world.

What do we mean by the FinTech concept? It is an acronym that results from the union of two words in the English language: Finance (finance) and Technology (technology).

This service seeks to define the work of companies that are trying to break the traditional ways of doing business and offer financial services taking advantage of technologies, a relatively new sector in our country, but clearly growing .

Antit is a company whose founders seek to offer rapid design and development, advanced solutions, creation of complex and high-load mobile applications.

In the past, for a company to be able to get its application to the Costa Rican market, it had to wait six to nine months, a period that could be catastrophic at the business level.

However, Antit, through the use of MVP can launch the product to the market in an attractive way for the user, while behind the scenes they continue with its development until they reach the best version.

Innovation and talent

The company is characterized by being a pioneer by having 100% Costa Rican capital and resources, which it already locates in countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States.

" Our success is in our qualified staff with Costa Rican training, highly competitive with respect to the region, our main headquarters are in Costa Rica from where we make their ideas have a global significance," said James Jara, co-founder of Antit.

Costa Rica has stood out from its Central American counterparts for its high level of technological and bilingual education, which has attracted companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Hewlet Packard, Google, Amazon.

In addition, thanks to its commercial opening, which began three decades ago, it has made it the most innovative country in Latin America after Chile, according to the Global Innovation Index 2019.

Likewise, another aspect that differentiates this company is the framework for staff augmentation, which allows a company to acquire the specialized human resource it requires for a specific project.

"We put at your disposal the teams that are best suited for the conceptualization of your project, design and implementation, facilitating the sustainable growth of your company in a technological era", concluded Jara.

Three startups: more than 500,000 downloads

Currently, Antit already has three financial service mobile applications in Google play and App store : the last one is PEI, which It already has more than 5,000 thousand downloads and allows you to transfer dollars or colones from all your accounts as well as make payments from the same place.

"With over 100,000 downloads to boast, Antit understands the core of mobile development very well and is well equipped to handle it," explained Robert Barón, co-founder of the company.