Agile methodology: embracing the change of the new era

Friday, August 6, 2021

Agile methodology: embracing the change of the new era

It was born in the software development industry but its success made it emigrate to the traditional company, as an essential tool to make the leap more efficiently to the digital age.

Agile allows you to create, verify and improve results by replacing the waterfall methods characterized by excessive planning, which delayed development and delivery.

It was born in the software development industry but its success made it migrate to the traditional company as an essential tool to make the leap more efficiently to the digital age .

With the arrival of the pandemic, many companies had to adopt this methodology to adapt to the changing environment, by facilitating continuous improvement in a scalable way to the needs of each one.

At Antit we apply this type of methodology not only for our software developments, but from the first contact with our clients, obtaining the best results in the shortest time.

With this set of strategies, projects can be approached internally in a faster and more efficient way, with the distribution of work in effective teams that allows it to be divided into smaller parts, reducing its completion time.

This allows us as a company that you require a change to be made to an element without affecting the entire project.

In addition, we can revolutionize the results obtained with adaptability to change, cost efficiency and continuous delivery of value.

Evidence that closeness to the work team does not depend on a physical environment, but that habits and routines can be adapted in order to generate a greater offer of value to the client.

This work model promotes an organizational and cultural transformation that seeks that collaboration, initiative, and transparency are the pillars that allow making processes more flexible and identifying aspects for improvement.

Our work is carried out with total transparency, following the path outlined by our clients, who will always have visibility on the progress of their project”, commented Robert Barón, one of Antit's co-founders.

Likewise, the results will be measured by delivery value, not by working days, merging multidisciplinary teams that develop exactly what the market demands.

Among the aspects that the Agile manifesto promotes are:

Individuals and interactions on processes and tools: value forming a team with high knowledge and adequate attitude more than in the operating guides.

Software running on extensive documentation : at the company level, we focus on creating feedback that stimulates and enriches the generation of ideas, which are translated into value-added products rather than exhaustive documentation that delays final development.

Collaboration with the client on contractual negotiation : enrich the final product or service with constant feedback on its execution by the client.

Response to change on following a plan: rapid and continuous evolution that allows the company to adapt without being limited to a permanent planning and control process.

Implementation advantages:

More than a method, it is a culture change that minimizes delays in the delivery of financial products and services, increases the satisfaction rate of its clients, reduces operating costs and gains efficiency in each of the projects it develops.

In addition, it improves employee satisfaction and generates team awareness, as well as greater commitment.

Speed: shortens production cycles and minimizes reaction and decision-making times.

Increased productivity: By allocating resources better, and more dynamically, it improves production according to the priorities that the company has.

Another edge of this methodology are the Kanban boards that graphically reflect the workflow of a project, evolution, possible bottlenecks and the points that require urgent attention. It is divided into to-do, in-progress, and completed tasks, allowing you to easily identify bottlenecks and weaknesses.


It is a process that focuses on making partial and regular deliveries with changing requirements where the innovation , competitiveness , flexibility Y productivity are essential.

On the other hand, it allows collaborative work between teams that need to develop complex solutions together, through transparency, inspection and adaptation to scale.

One of the companies that has stood out the most for the implementation of the Agile Scrum methodology is BBVA, with a payroll of thousands that it manages to manage with efficiency and versatility.

In a scalable way, it forms self-sufficient and multidisciplinary teams with the execution of short sprints, which involve the client to maintain the correct direction, quality and improvement of execution.

In addition, daily sessions are promoted that allow to know the progress of each one and therefore, everyone is aware of how they can collaborate so that the project advances. Each of the members must answer , What did you do yesterday? What will you do today and if there is any impediment to do it?

SAFe: organizing large companies with agile methodology

SAFe scales or combines the Scrum approach helping to implement agility in the company at the organization level, and not only at the team level , promoting coherence, collaboration and management across a large number of agile teams.

As companies grow in size, SAFe provides a structured strategy to scale agilely without sacrificing quality .

Likewise, it fosters a behavior that generates confidence and includes the planning of work in small batches, evidencing problems in real time at all levels with inspection and adaptation rituals.

Melissa López
August 6, 2021