Advantages of having a QA in the development of your project

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

The customer or user experience is just as important as the service or product offered, and for this reason investing in Quality Assurance (QA) either internally or through third parties is essential to ensure its performance, reliability, security as well as survival of the product in the market.

The QA team works as a filter that gives the go-ahead on the fulfillment of functionality and customer requirements, as well as on the technical part of the software implemented by the developers.

In the case of FinTech products, this rigor must be greater since the repercussions can be catastrophic due to the handling of financial data contained in its products and the consequences that would have when user information is violated.

Therefore, a team of experts in QA that has the best strategies and management of tools, will allow you to guarantee that there are no later errors that damage or violate the entire system that ends in affecting the reputation of the company in charge of the application or product.

Among the benefits of including a QA team are:

Cost reduction: Save time and costs by replacing and retesting codes when errors occur during the process. A situation that can be avoided with a constant analysis of each part of the development so that if a problem occurs in a certain fragment, it is solved without affecting the entire project.

Safer applications: Also, in terms of security, QA is not negotiable due to latent threats and risks in the application or software development, by preventing all possible errors that may arise in the code or security vulnerabilities. In addition, it allows to identify the weakest codes to maintain the security of the software.

Launch an application free of errors: In the same way, with the implementation of an efficient QA process during the conception, analysis and development, you will increase the quality in the creation of your product, as well as optimize production costs by avoiding setbacks and greater investment of hours correcting errors in the final phase.

Throughout the process, tests must be carried out to discover vulnerability points and bugs that the software may have in order to proceed to eliminate them before third parties can do damage.

At Antit, our QA team is the best option to ensure that the product you are launching on the market is error-free.

Improvement of the user experience: QA reviews the interface and each part of the software to improve its performance and therefore the user experience.

On the other hand, a series of optimization tools are used by the QA team such as:

1. Code reviews

It is a professional, intense and systematic exam that looks for any type of vulnerability that manages to use the static testing tools SAST (Static Application Security Testing) for its review.

2. Vulnerability scans

The security of the quality control is strengthened thanks to this component of quality assurance , which works in an automated way during the rapid projection of the software.

Antit has a leading QA and software development team that will provide you with efficient and accurate results in each of your projects.

3. Regression test

When implementing updates in the software, an automatic regression test must be applied to ensure that the product continues to function correctly to minimize errors and reduce Time to Market.

In this regard, it is important that when an error is detected and it is corrected, proceed to retest everything.

4. Load test

Through this we can verify 100% that all the technical part works in the correct way, in addition, to support a large number of users without generating problems for this.

Having a QA team will translate into greater profitability and quality of your projects, at Antit we provide you with the specific professional that you require for your project, contact us and let's talk about your best option.