Achieve better results in your mobile applications with optimal UX management

Melissa López
April 16, 2021

In search of a better user experience in your mobile App, we must consider variables such as style, design, but above all usability and experience that allow us to attract an even greater number of customers through UX / UI methodologies.

The main objective of the UI (User Interface) refers to the design and interface of the application, it is what the user perceives and makes him decide to stay longer in the App.

Likewise, UX (user experience) means that interactions are developed in the simplest and most intuitive way with a user-centered design.

The key to achieving a good UX design lies in empathizing with our user, knowing him, creating a system capable of guiding them correctly through the application with a language that adapts to this.

While the UI concentrates on the technical aspect, the UX is a more strategic concept linked more to the emotional perception that our users of the mobile application have.

At Antit we have UX / UI professionals who focus on making the design of your mobile application attractive and innovative, at the same time that it works with agile and efficient systems that are easy to use for the user, which simplifies navigation.

Among the advantages of UX design are:

It allows to create an attractive content: in this aspect the content, videos and images are involved.

If users have a great experience with your product, this remains in their memory longer, thus reinforcing your brand image.

Create value for your business: Investing in good design leads to greater trust and stronger relationships with users, allowing you to have satisfied customers and willing to try new features.

The UX methodology places the user at the center of the process creating products with added value.

It reduces costs in the development of your product: if a product is poorly designed it will cause it to undergo rethinking, reconstruction and therefore it will translate into a greater investment.

Slow loading times, crashes and inactivity negatively affect the user experience, in addition, you will receive negative reviews in the Apple Store or Play Store that can affect the reputation of the company.

In this regard, we must proceed to respond as soon as possible that the problems have been resolved, which tends to reassure users.

Increase your customer's loyalty: a satisfied user will be a recurring one who helps spread your brand from their positive experience.

For this we must identify the target to which our product is directed, their needs and motivations, whether or not the product is viable and intuitive.

A high level of satisfaction builds customer loyalty, generates likes and recommendations and ultimately increases the conversion rate.

Increased ROI (return on investment): reaching a greater number of potential customers translates into an increase in ROI.

On the other hand, the UI professional is responsible for creating each element that as the user interface, that it is attractive, stimulating at a visual level that has a unique design and stands out, as well as that it has a theme that matches the purposes of the brand.

In addition, you must ensure that the structure of each element in the application with which the user is going to interact is easy, taking into account the user's needs.

This aspect includes fonts, colors, icons, menus and eye-catching tabs for easy use, coherence and legibility.

If you are looking to develop an App for your company, Antit is an excellent option with great experience in the market capable of creating a personalized application that adapts to the needs of your company and that makes it stand out in the market.