Accelerate your business successfully with FinTech alliances

Friday, August 6, 2021

Accelerate your business successfully with FinTech alliances

Alliances with FinTech companies will allow your company to win in terms of speed and innovation, as well as scale in the market through disruptive technology, here we present the keys to make your partnerships a success.

Alliances with FinTech companies will allow your company to win in terms of speed and innovation , here we present the keys to make your partnerships a success.

Partnerships with FinTech product developers make it easier to streamline internal procedures, add technical skills, and most importantly improve the end-consumer experience.

By choosing to work with a FinTech company, you will be able to reach a greater number of commercial clients in less time, by investing in digital platforms with the help of experts that ensure their effectiveness.

At AntIT we have extensive experience in the development of FinTech products such as: high-load hybrid and native mobile applications, web page development, payment platforms and many other services focused on improving the positioning of your company in the digital market.

FinTechs have stood out in the digital market for their speed and agility to reinvent themselves in the market and expectations of new consumers.

Founded in 2015, Antit is a mobile development company specialized in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Time-To-Make (TTM) products with a portfolio strongly focused on the FinTech industry.

According to the latest Finnovista 2020 report, ‚Äú in Latin America there are more than 1,858 Fintech startups with which large corporations can explore collaborations and alliances to create innovation results‚ÄĚ.

One of the unions that has stood out the most with FinTech companies is that of banks or financial entities, this in order to offer new services to their clients and reach new segments of the population previously excluded.

Main benefits of hiring a FinTech company

New or improved technology capabilities - By hiring these types of fintech companies, you will have immediate access to the latest technology, providing the ability to expand more quickly into new markets.

On the other hand, you can also choose to buy a certain FinTech product according to the specifications you require and sell it to your clients in search of obtaining a higher profit margin.

New acquisition channels: by having your company supported in its operations by a FinTech company, it will be able to count on better platforms for the acquisition of clients, who will be able to benefit from an attractive product offering.

Besides, your company will have an improvement in its customer retention by continuing to increase its bond of trust, your financial technology partner will be in charge of providing you with the tools or developments that your company requires to improve the experience of your customers.

Improved digital customer experience: in the same way, your company will be able to stay at the forefront in the digital market, improving the customer experience, the technology it has, as well as access to the best talents in the field of Information Technology (IT).

Businesses may find that they can appeal to new consumers by combining their brand and the power of creative solutions produced by fintech.

What will allow your company to distinguish itself and position itself concerning its competitors? 

Keys for your partnerships with a FinTech to be successful 

Specify the objectives to be achieved: the company that hires FinTech development services must have a clear strategy to follow with said collaboration, previously defining the KPIs to be achieved from the beginning, as well as the target audience to which the innovation sought will be focused. 

The technological management of companies must be a fundamental part of their business architecture, so it is necessary to have the right company to direct and implement projects related to IT services.

Define the time: depending on the development that the company requires, the investment can go from medium to long term, however, this type of FinTech product development projects will generate a return on investment in the short term.

At AntIT we work through Time to Market models, which allows, for example, while your mobile application is already available to your clients, we continue working on its improvements and optimizations, giving you greater competitiveness in the market without having to wait for long periods. 

Allocate sufficient resources: have consistent expectations between the investment and its return for the business, so it is essential before starting this process to redesign your strategies from the inside out to have clarity of the development of technology that will most benefit your company.

Due to its experience, AntIT stands out for managing projects that are easily adapted in time, cost and form, ensuring a short-term return on your investment.

At Antit we offer you the facility to dedicate your time to what matters, your business while managing the improvements you require or developing your most critical projects with the help of the most qualified IT personnel.


Melissa López
August 6, 2021