2021: What processes should banking automate?

Melissa López
December 6, 2020

The digital transformation has allowed the automation of operational processes that previously required exclusively human intervention, reducing costs, and improving their services. Know the processes that financial institutions will not be able to ignore in 2021 to maintain their validity! 

Also, the automation of processes in banks brings with it advantages such as increased security in operations, the immediacy of transactions, and improved customer service.

Some of the processes that banks must have automated are: 

Financial operations: grant credit and debit cards in an automated way without the need for customers to travel to physical branches and, on the contrary, take advantage of new technologies available to provide better customer service by reducing waiting times.

Besides, they eliminate the need for repetitive work and provide the ability to offer customers personalized financial products and services based on their behavior and preferences. 

Customer service: FinTechs have stood out for improving the customer experience with products focused on their satisfaction, a quality that can be used by financial institutions to improve their competitiveness in the market.

The incorporation of chatbots with artificial intelligence, the development of mobile applications is just some of how banks can automate their customer service processes.

Generation of reports and reports: with the use of Big Data analysis, the generation of daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be automated.

This data can be collected, thanks to the fact that technology is an effective tool when it comes to creating formats and smart contracts that are filled in automatically and whose delivery can be scheduled for a specific date. 

Increased scalability of technology services: outsourcing software services facilitates scalability of services as the specific needs of the company change.

Investing in technology will allow the company to adapt more easily to changes and demands that arise. Besides, it will help the potential of work teams to be used to carry out more complex tasks. 

Technology and human talent: the increase in staff works through the hiring of a software development company, which will be responsible for finding the developers you need.

At Antit we save you time as well as money in the selection, hiring, and training through a rigorous process where we previously study the specific needs of your company.

This business model works as a backup at critical times where more support is required, offering you the right skills for each software project.

It is recommended that banking and financial companies, in general, maintain a balance between the strategic use of technology and intelligent channeling of the capabilities of their staff, AntIT is your best option to guide you in the strategy that best suits your company to achieve the necessary innovation in the Digital Transformation process.