Bitship: Continuous deployment for React Native on top of Bitrise

BitShip is a continuous deployment solution on top of bitrise that will save you time and a lot of headaches, inspired in the original tool but without the complexity.

With BitShip, you have a complete flow for your app’s testing workflows, you can view a navigate across the organizations, projects, builds, artifacts - and you can manage all that in one place.

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Bitship in a glance

Bitship makes distributing your apps painless. <AGREGAR MAS>

How it works

react native

1 ) Create a Ship

  • Ships can be used for QA, PM, Stakeholders, developers and releases train like internal, alpha y beta.
  • Connect artifacts to a ship by assigning a branch name or branch pattern.
  • Ships can be destructible, trackable history, approvable by testers and ship statuses.

Share Ships via code 2)

  • No user registration required, share via code.
  • Allow testers to approve or reject ship artifacts.
react native
react native

3) Approve, document and report Ship release

  • Send automatically reports by ship to stakeholders and admins.
  • Deploy to production, destroy the testing ship and keep on the history.


Question 1

When and where will I get my template?

Immediately after the purchase, the template will be transferred to your Webflow’s account.

Question 2

Do you offer some kind of support?

We will always be there to assist you, answer your questions and solve bugs we eventually missed.

Besides that, we offer a free professional feedback on your final design and copy.

Question 3

How does the money back guarantee work?

All templates come with a full money back guarantee. If you don't like our work, we will refund 100% of the price you paid, no questions asked.

Question 4

Is Midnight the best choice for my startup?

If you want a website that it is easy to use, professionally designed loads fast, and respects the latest principles to maximize conversion rates, then the answer is yes!

Question 5

Which hosting plan is best for me?

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